Werewolf By Night (Oct. 10, 2022)

Movie Night - Plus Wines!

Tradición, Palo Cortado, VORS, 30 Years

I’ve drunk many fine sherries, some of the best on the market in the last twenty years, but I’ve never tasted anything quite like this. It’s not only intense and deep, but it's quite a few steps above anything I've ever encountered. The nose is orange marmalade, dark chocolate, caramelized pecans, old wood and olive brine - many Sherries, Palo Cortados specifically, present variances of this combination, but few as intense and vibrant as this, almost an HD version of Sherry. The palate is just as long and deep, savory and meaty, a touch less refined, discerningly less complex, but just as fresh as the nose and stunningly visceral. To be super-critical, it's more about power than complexity or grace - but what power! A Seventh Wonder of Jerez.

Alain Burguet, Bourgogne, Pince Vin, 2018

Gorgeous, sexy fruit right out of the gate. Sexy stink - people like me suffer through dozens of bretty bottles to get a nonbretty stink that’s this sexy. Just call it reduction and give it air to show flowers, mint, lavender. Great acidity and texture. It's a declassified village wine, but most certainly on par with a very good village wine.

Selbach-Oster, Mosel, Zeltinger Sonnehur, Riesling Feinherb, "Ur" Alte Reben, 2018

This is usually a dry wine, not as dry as GG, but dry nonetheless. In a warm vintage like 2018, it's sweeter, a true feinherb. Apples and minerals, sugar and spice - Mosel is the Land Of Plenty!