Hey, Joe!

Etienne Bécheras (Le Prieuré d'Arras), St. Joseph, Cuvée Tour Joviac, 2014

A new producer for me. A whim purchase some time back in Astor Wines. I'm trying to make up my mind. The nose is classic North Rhone, black pepper and earth et al, while the palate is a bit stolid. Okay, I just made up mu mind. This is very nice, but not super exciting. (July 8, 2021) 

But this is exciting! This is Mr. Excitement!

Pierre Gonon, St. Joseph, 2010

I wish I had more of these or that I had more opportunities to drink more of the gems chez Gonon - they always velvet elegance and understated power (think of the finest red Burgundy); at the same time, they are true Syrahs, and some of the loveliest examples. And in a fine vintage like 2010, the magic asserts itself like the greatest sandwich melting in your mouth, prosciutto on toasted walnut bread, with olive tapenade and black pepper. And in the background, a suggestion of the fatty parts of a slab of steak melting on the grill. One of those times when a wine is utterly delicious because everything element sits in perfect harmony. (July 14, 2021)