Gallois Humor (Apr. 2, 2020)

Ever since COVID9 sent us all scurrying to our personal exile at home, it seems all my online feeds are bursting to the brim with pictures of the wines people are opening at home. All of them seemingly better than what I have been drinking. In a sort of mass act of last rites, or maybe just the best way to entertain oneself at home, people are indulging. And I figured, so should I.

Someone went out of their way to ape Veuve Clicquot

Domaine Dominique Gallois, Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru, Combes aux Moines, 2013
Lovingly and carefully perfumed with earth and oriental spices, its balanced fruit leading to a savory finish that is an emotionally satisfying relief after a week of bigger and riper wines, this is a perfect portrait of Burgundian pedigree and focused hedonism. Even though right now it lacks some Premier Cru weight, the complexity is up to par and I think it will become more opulent when it reaches its prime in three to five years. Even now its charms are hard to resist. 

And we'll probably all be dead next year anyway.