Jurassic Park - Andre et Mireille (now Stephane) Tissot

My playground this week

The thing is, I'm really quite a potato couch adventurer, and the world of wine allows me to explore the world from the safety of my home, sipping a bottle wine, reading up on it and writing my tasting notes.

Jura had fascinated me years before I ever actually tasted any of its wines. The notion of those remote, mountain vineyards really captured my imagination and appealed to my notions of romance. I finally tried a Tissot Poulsard last year, so consider me a pioneer at last finding his homestead. I can't say I really came to grips with it - it was too tart, pungent and funky even for my catholic tastes - but at least the experience allowed me to recognize the name when Giaconda started importing them.

Just saying I was looking forward to drinking my way through a few bottles.

Cremant du Jura, Rose, Extra Brut, n.v.

Comprised of Pinot Noir, Polusard and Trousseau, this isn't overly complex or anything like that, but shows very pretty aromas of strawberries, citrus fruit, chalk and brioche, and very dry, palate cleansing flavors. Really not the type of sparkling wine for anyone looking for a sweetish lounge drink, so you can guess I like it, the saline enfant terrible. Passes the "how does it compare to a decent non-vintage Champagne" test, except it's leaner. (Jun. 19, 2014)

130 NIS.

Arbois, Traminer, 2012

I'm not familiar with the Traminer grape. If the name implies any relationship with Gewurztraminer, then the affinity is only apparent in a certain spiciness on both nose and palate. Otherwise, it makes a small scale, albeit pretty, impression with a meager tool set, just grapefruit and said spiciness. (Jun. 21, 2014)

130 NIS. Pricey for what it is, and not compelling enough for a full evening's worth of entertainment.

Cremant du Jura, Blanc de Blanc Cleve en Fue, n.v.

100% Chardonnay, 2007 vintage, 75% aged in oak, aged on its lees in bottle for four years. I'm going a bit anal on the details because the final result is such a fine, nutty, saline Champagne lookalike that the wine making trivia might be insightful. Not that I think the merits of this lovely sparkler hinge solely on how close it nears the idiom, but more on how tasty, complex and interesting it is (citrus, orange blossom accompanying the nuts I have mentioned). (Jun. 21, 2014)

170 NIS. Totally worth it.

Cotes du Jura, En Barberon, 2011

The nose is ashes and salted nuts, baked apples, mushrooms, lightly oxidative. It's provocatively interesting, but rough and not for the faint of heart, and the palate continues in the same vein. It reminds me more of a Savennieres a la Nicolas Joly than any Chardonnay mindful of the Burgundian ideal - well, it's also reminiscent of Meursault, but a Meursault directed by Terrentino. (Jun. 22, 2014)

220 NIS.

Executive Summary

  1. Like.
  2. Okay.
  3. Love.
  4. An interesting date  - but not my type.