I Sektond That Emotion (Nov. 9, 2012)

There's a storm threatening my very life today
Efrat's birthday weekend was a lull in the constant, stormy whirlpool that work had recently transformed my life, and ours, into. We celebrated both the occasion and the lull with a very idiosyncratic sparkler.

Rebholz, Pfalz, "R”, Blanc de Noir Sekt, Pi Gold, Brut, 2006

A funky,slightly smoky showcase of minerals, from Bedrock to Sand-and-Stony-o, with the fruit present, yet discreet, and vaguely citrus in character. All aptly framed by a note of brioche. Ripe, yet utterly dry, very elegant and classy. This is a pure Pinot Noir cuvee that really doesn't taste like any Pinot based Champagne, any more than a German Pinot tastes like a Bourgogne, but it's a real treat and I'd like more of it in my fridge.

Giaconda, 190 NIS.

Of course, the real storm was yet to come...