God Bless The French - Dinner At Pronto (Mar. 31, 2012)

Two excellent French wines at a mediocre degustation dinner at Italian restaurant, Pronto. Both wines cost about 500 NIS.

Deiss, Mambourg Grand Cru, 2004

A zany, knockout nose, with lots of fossils and flint, the fruit (pears, baked apples) way in the background. Somehow, all the trillion Pinot varieties in the field blend make for an initial aromatic Burgundian impression, with the sweetness of Pinot Gris coming into bloom on the palate, which is very Alsatian. Even the quinine that laces the mid-palate and finish is very appropriate here. Impressive, complex and balanced.


Delas, Cote-Rotie, La Landonne, 2001

I had assumed that this would be a modern blockbuster striving for the style of the Guigal's La-La's, but this is quite old school (I think, I do wish I had more experience so I could be dead certain).  Leather, black pepper, bacon, swell acidity, red fruit with a hint of black. Soft, feminine, without loss of length. I love wines like this that thrive on their acidity, although there is also a pleasant tannic bite on the finish. Harmonic and finessed and shows just how delicious a mature red can be. Simply a classic Cote-Rotie!

Imported by Anavim years ago. Since I'd always distrusted their storage facilities, I opened this on the early side.


Kelly said…
Is the price on the Deiss consistent with markups in Isreal? Deiss is expensive here, but the Mambourg is almost twice what it costs here (if I could find it).

BTW Hello from WLDG! I've popped in here on a few occasions before but thought it about time to leave a comment.
2GrandCru said…
The markup for Deiss is higher than most importer's markup here. It's a known issue with some of the wines in the importer's portfolio.