Slaughtered Heifers And Wine (Aug. 25, 2011)

This lovely beast is grateful for the opportunity to accompany the following wines and thus be immortalized on the pages of 2GrandCru.

Falesco, Umbria, Marciliano, 1999

This is a Cabernet Sauvignon/Franc cuvee from a winery more famous for its Merlot, and it's damn fine. The nose is red and black cherries and saddle leather, there's a hint of black pepper then it fades, replaced by tar and chives. Solid tannins, gripping tannins that don't obscure the fruit. Savory, in short. Rocks steady.

Not imported to Israel. I see it listed for about 30-35 USD in Europe.

Gaja, Barolo, Gromis, 2000

Dark fruit, round with rustic, savory tannins. Tasty and deep, yet somehow not quite exciting. The Nebbiolo spices (musky dust) are in place, but oddly there's something a little Tuscan about it, to confound us all. I guess it's just too round for me, although it becomes more Piedmont in time.

WineRoute, about 270 NIS, although recent vintages cost more (but are often on discount).

Rocca Albino, Barbaresco, Vigneto Brich Ronchi, 1999

Red fruit and leather on the nose. Tannic, yet seems ready. For me, the Nebbiolo is obvious. But complaints abounded over lack of focus and acidity. People who'd tasted it in the past said it should show better, so I submit to their judgment. But I think it was savory and there was plentiful aromatic complexity. Since it's my bottle I might not be that objective.

I bought this for 50 USD in the States, but WineRoute are now selling newer vintages for about 270 NIS.

Ishmael Arroyo, Val Sotillo, Ribera Del Duero, Reserva, 2001

Great stink - bretty, yet with complexity. It only showed Arroyo typicity after it was revealed. Then I could sense the familiar sea salt and cardamon. Very good and tasty, despite the probable bottle variation.

About 220 NIS from Giaconda.

Tzora, Or, 2008

This is a Gewurztraminer dessert wine and I have enjoyed it in the past (an earlier vintage though). Anyway, this grapefruit and lychee juice, with a hint of botrytis funk, is just way too gulpable.