Recanati, Special Reserve, 2008 (Aug. 24, 2011)

Surprise, surprise!

I really, really like the Special Reserve this year. To me, it has a weird family resemblance to Bordeaux, with similar warm, musky, currant-y aromas and flavors, and just a hint of brett, that plays like an echo of a barnyard far away. And despite some sweetness in the background, it's elegant and its tannins are crisp and savory.

This is selling for about 200 NIS, even at bargain stores like WineDepot. Wow, now there's another surprise, and a rather disappointing one.

Sept. 26, 2011: Third surprise! Learned at Recanati tasting last night that this actually sells for 180 NIS at WineRoute before discount, so that makes it a reasonably priced Israeli premium (these days).


Joel said…
Wow, I'm quite impressed. You seemed rather underwhelmed by the 08 Castel Grand Vin, which I thought wasn't too bad at all, either. I still haven't tried this wine, but it may well be a leading candidate for Rosh Hashannah events if the fam insists on kosher, which they probably won't.
Lior Yogev said…
Indeed surprising

Although WineDepot has great prices, I believe this particular wine can be found for much less.

Wineroute (the distributors) had a special 1+1 on it a couple of months ago, and if you bought it as a future it was roughly half the price you mention, give or take. Bottom line, I think you can find it for well under 200.