Sunnyvale, Drinking (Aug. 2, 2011)

Guy Breton, Regnie, 2009

This is good, very good, and highly enjoyable, yet without the vivacity, suppleness and succulence that make me sit up and pay attention to a Beaujolais Cru. But the black cherry and dusty aromatics are very cool indeed, and the purity of fruit makes for a delicious, if not complex drop.

St. Cosme, Cote-Rotie, 2004

The nose is a very proper expression of the North Rhone, with black pepper and just a hint of bacon. The palate is highly yummy, with a delicate touch of salinity on the finish. Methinks there is a touch of Viognier in there, will have to google it.

This is about 50 USD, thus excellent value for Cote Rotie. And so was the Breton, at 25.

PS. I googled St. Cosme. Couldn't find anything about the plots and grapes used for the Cote Rotie, but the during the search, it hit me. This is a Gigondas-based domaine, yet despite that, they produced a very classical Cote Rotie.