Let's Get It On - An Evening At HaBasta (Apr. 10, 2011)

God, I'm in love.

It's a good thing I'm not a professional restaurant reviewer, so I can get away with simply basking in post-coital bliss about my latest infatuation, HaBasta, located in Tel-Aviv's Shuk HaCarmel. Let someone break down the yummy dishes and the ambience into flowery, detailed prose. This ain't my gig.

The tasting notes are.

Vincent Girardin, Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru, 2004

A terrific nose, gamey as Gevrey should be, with forest floor, flowers, gorgeous red fruit and notes of mocha. The palate is round and a little short but the tannins leave a pleasant savory tang. All in all, this wine deserves what is becoming a cliched compliment about the 2004 reds: "a good effort for the vintage".

Imported by WineRoute, I believe the price was about 400 NIS. Thanks to Zacki and Itay for this one.

Remezieres, Hermitage, Cuvee Emile, 2000

A peppery, impressive Syrah, that is crafted with precision while remaining true to its origins. Which for me means a certain burliness, and I certainly find that here. Because even though the Emile has a sweet, ripe facade that is tempered by fine tannins, way beneath all that is a dense, brooding core. A bottle drunk last year was more complex and interesting, but this is still a robust specimen and, due to the nature of the vintage I suppose, it's not a case a infantcide, as one might have predicted.

Bought at MacArthur for about 60 USD a couple of years ago.