Aldo Conterno, Barolo, Bussia, 1999 (Apr. 9, 2011)

Celebrating my first participation in the Tel Aviv Marathon (I ran the ten kilometer race, finished in 58 minutes. Bummer - I was aiming for 55):

The nose is somewhat musky and earthy at first, but silky on the palate from the very start. With time, the aromatics show typical Nebbiolo spicy accents and greater complexity, while the palate gains stuffing and grip without losing it's light-handed clarity, freshness and precision. What always baffles me about Barolos is how their freshness belies their relative high ABV. This clocks in at 14%, and let's face it, with any other wine I'd be whining about ripeness of fruit, the weight, how much I prefer less alcohol and greater elegance. Yet here everything is carried with great finesse and fresh acidity, absolutely no heat. Which I find typical, at least with the Barolos that my friends tend to bring to the table. (Apr. 9, 2011)

WineRoute. I bought this so long ago, I don't remember the exact price, but it was probably something like 250-270 NIS seven or eight years ago. I know this is Aldo Conterno's basic Barolo, but it's still great, thank you very much.