Karma Is What You Make Of It (Apr. 1, 2010)

How do you explain bombing out with the same wine two times?

The last time I brought the Rene Rostaing, Cote Rotie, La Landonne, 1996 to a tasting, it was corky. No TCA this time, but a wine collapsing due to old age is just as bad. Thankfully, this time I had a backup, and the Remizieres, Hermitage, Cuvee Emile, 2000 gave Rani Osnat and me a glorious voyage that started out with a fairly high extract of black fruit, then picked up extroverted notes of black pepper before going through a more genteel phase of bacon and barnyard, finally coming up with an encore of minerals to fully make up for the Rostaing fiasco. The palate was very fulfilling and intense and declaimed the glories of North Rhone with great gusto. Purchased in the for about 50 USD. Terrific value.

Earlier that evening at Rokah 73, the Donhoff, Norheimer Kirschheck, Spatlese, 2001 pontificated on the virtues of noble German Riesling as it displayed nuanced mineral notes over cool and noble fruit, all hung out to dry with perfect poise. Balanced and harmonious, this is typical of why German Rieslings always ring my bell, preying as it did on my nose and palate without ever hitting a sour note. While it doesn't have the complexity or the intensity of the Brucke or the Hermannshohle, the sheer yumminess will keep me coming back for more. Damn good, the current releases sell for about 180 NIS these days.