In A Silent Way - Baumard, Coteaux du Layon, Carte d'Or, 2005 (Mar. 2, 2010)

Was it the wine or the atmosphere? Was it the singer? Was it the song? How does it feel to be out on your own? Hugh Johnson said a great wine should ask questions rather than make statements and while this was surely not a great wine, it had a lot of questions that needed asking, without quite being able to guide me to the answers.

Like I said, not a great wine; it's biggest fault, as I've noted in the past, is a lack of what I consider the divine spark: that is, uplifting acidity. However, aromatically, it has enough sparks for an eveningful of relaxation and romance; presenting, during the course of the evening, chalk, clay, a still river bed and the unique, spicy kick of botrytis - all behind a veil of apricots and pineapples. On the palate, despite the lack of acidity that I've duly noted, is very enticing fruit that quenches the thirst without the structure or aspirations to greatness. Speaking with deceptive transparency, this is Quaffer Deluxe and yes, dear readers, in the 2GrandCru universe, that's high praise indeed.

Giaconda, 117 NIS.