Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saturday Night Tasting - Hagit Koren's Birthday

No fancy wordplay on my part this time, just a moment to bask in the memories of a select choice of excellent wines and the comradeship of old friends enjoying them together.

Pierre Gimmonet, Fleuron, 2002

I rather enjoyed it more last year, when it seemed better structured and slightly more complex. It still has that elegant combination of orange blossom, minerals and yeasts, now complemented by nutty overtones, but it simple less convincing, with the mousse less enticing. A good wine even so.

Imported by Boutique de Champagnes and sold for 295 NIS before discount.

Sociando-Mallet, Haut-Medoc, Bourgeois Cru, 1990

One man's Platonic Ideal of Claret. Both nose and palate show soft fruit on the borderline between red and black. Not especially complex, but offering small scale pefection in its harmony and balance - and amazingly delicious. I could have finished the entire bottle without noticing, which is the charm of such wines.

Price unknown but more recent vintages are imported by WineRoute.

Fratelli Revello, Barolo, Vignia Gianchi, 1997

Textbook Barolo, methinks. Iron notes over red fruit, savoury tannins and a minerally texture. Structured, yet ready to drink. Wine of the night.

Not imported to Israel, price unknown.

Tardieu-Laurent, Cote Rotie, 2001

Classic Cote Rotie nose, with black pepper over red fruit as well as flower and lemon notes in the background. A relative disappointment, all things considered, as it is somewhat disjointed, with what some perceived as overly high acidity (but what was from my point of view overly mellow fruit, same difference really). One to try again in four-five years.

Sold five-six years ago by WineRoute for about 350 NIS.

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