Enough With The Cheeses Already - Porterhouse, June 9, 2008

Sahvuot, among other things, is the Jewish holiday of dairy products. So what better way of celebrating its end than to re-visit our favorite meat restaurant?

Heymann-Lowenstein, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Erste Lage Uhlen Laubach, 2005

This dry Riesling should have a "Site Under Construction" sticker on its label as right now it is very much shut down. Nice nose of peaches and hints of minerals, but the palate is very constricted. I'm patient and optimistic, though, as I loved this wine before it entered its shell and as further proof of what the future holds for it, after a couple of hours, it showed a very lovely and promising nose reminiscent of Alsace.

Imported by Giaconda and sold for 225 NIS before it was sold out.

Smith Haut Lafite, Pessac-Leognan, 2001

A brooding, animalistic nose of black fruit bodes well and I think the palate, while still young, delivers: good acidity, grade-A tannins and plenty of fruit. The question is typicity. No one guessed Bordeaux and even when the B word was finally placed on the table, Pessac-Leognan was the last AOC to be offered. Probably a question of age, though this is a modern wine with no qualms about its modernity and thus I'm not entirely whether time will devlop more typicity. Time in glass does help it develop a more typical, cedary overtone, but you know what, even if it retains its international sheen and never develops into something more typical, I'm not enough of a purist to deny its charms and I like it very much.

Imported by WineRoute.

A.F. Gros, Vosne-Romanee, Clos De La Fontaine, 2004

The nose is nice enough, typical young Bourgogne with strawberries and raspberries and a hint of exotic spices. But though the round fruit is well counterpointed by the acidity, it lacks complexity and concentration. I'd try again in a couple of years.

Imported by WineRoute, not sure about the price.