Goodbye 2007

Well, everyone's doing it.

This is the year I started to come of age in wine. I can feel certain types of wines have started to reveal their secrets to me, though I sorely need to expand and taste many, many more wines. And I need to learn to concentrate more during blind tasting on one hand while learning to be more assured and to trust my instincts. As for this blog, I need to improve my writing skills, though I'm fairly satisfied with my tasting notes. If the wine speaks to me and there's a good connection and the time and space to let that connection thrive, then I'm confident I can put down a note that will preserve the essance of that connection and highlight the important aspects of the wine. And that's all I want, for now; I have no desire to be an objective wine reviewer, sifting through countless wines of various levels of pedigree and quality. That's a job, and I've already got one, thank you.

There's more I want to do with this blog besides tasting notes, you know, rants against the local industry, philosophical meandering, pandering to my artistic tendencies. But I'm up against a wall right now, because I've put my foot in the water there and I feel I've done all I can within my current level of self-expression. Basically, my style needs some maturing. Maybe I just need to expand beyond Dave march, Nero Wolfe and sports books...

So what did I do this year?

New Producers Discovered

I started to discover Germany in earnest in 2006 but 2007 was where German wines became an obsession. So it's little wonder that so much of this list is German winemakers: Koehler-Ruprecht, Christoffel, Heymann-Lowenstein, Muller-Catoir, Peter Jakob Kuhn, Donnhoff, Emrich-Schonleber, Gunderloch, Keller.

Not that the rest of the (old) world doesn't get its share: Francois Jobard, Domaine De La Vougeraie, Dauvissat, Raveneau and Mugnier from Burgundy; from the Rhone, Georges Vernay, Chateau du Trignon, Domaine Brusset, Domaine Marcoux, Domaine de la Vieille Julienne and Roger Sabon. I won't list any Bordeaux chateau because they're all so new to me I wouldn't know where to start but if I have to choose one, then it would be La Conseillante from Pomerol. And to round off the part of the list, a fantastic maker from the Loire, Philippe Delesvaux, and Kanonkop from South Africa.

The Wines I Most Enjoyed

Which, as most wine lovers will tell you, doesn't necessarily mean the best wines.
  • Muller-Catoir, Haardter Manderling, Scheurebe Spatlese , 2004

  • Muller-Catoir, Mussbacher Esselshaut, Rislaner Statlese Trocken, 2001/2005

  • J.J. Christoffel, Urzinger Wurtzgarten, Auslese *****, 1975

  • J.J. Christoffel, Urzinger Wurtzgarten, Auslese ***, 1990

  • Keller, Rheinhessen, Monsheimer Silberberg Rieslaner Auslese, 2005

  • Koehler-Ruprecht, Kalstadter Steinacker, Scheurebe Beerenauslese, 2004

  • Koehler-Ruprecht, Kalstadter Steinacker, Riesling Kabinett Trocken, 2004

  • Koehler-Ruprecht, Kalstadter Saumagen, Riesling Auslese, 2001

  • La Conseillante, Pomerol, 2003

  • Grand-Puy-Lacoste, Pauillac, 2003

  • Lynch Bages, Pauillac, 2003

  • Raveneau, Chablis 1er Cru, Butteaux, 2004

  • Heymann-Lowenstein, Erste Lage Uhlen Blaufusser Lay, 2005

  • Heymann-Lowenstein, Erste Lage Uhlen Laubach, 2005

  • Heymann-Lowenstein, Erste Lage Uhlen Roth-Lay, 2005

  • Karthäuserhof, Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg, Eiswein #36, 1995

  • Chateau Smith Haut Lafite, Pessac Leognan, 1998

  • Clos du Marquis, Saint Julien, 2000

  • Castello Di Fonterutoli, Chianti Classico Riserva, 1998

  • Olivier Leflaive, Chablis, Premier Cru "Vaillons", 2004

  • Domaine Vincent Girardin, Chassagne Montrachet, Premier Cru Le Morgeot, 2004

  • Domaine A. F. Gros, Pommard Premier Cru, Pommard, Les Pezzeroles, 2002

  • Domaine Jacques Frederic Mugnier, Nuits St. George, Premier Cru, Clos De La Marechale, 2004

  • Francois Jobard, Bourgogne Blanc, 2004

  • Francois Jobard, Meursault "En La Barre", 2002

  • Kanonkop, Pinotage, 2000

  • Clusel Roch, Cote Rotie, 1999

  • Fattoria dei Barbi, Brunello, Vigna del Fiore, 1997

  • Frescobaldi, Lamoine, 1997

  • Vieux Telegraphe, La Crau, 2004

  • Domaine de la Vieille Julienne, 2004

  • Domaine Roger Sabon, Prestige, 2004

  • Domaine du Pegau, Cuvee Reservee, 2004

  • Domaine de Colombier, Hermitage, 1996

  • Chapoutier, Chateauneuf du Pape, Criox de Bois, 2000

  • Domaine De La Vougeraie, Clos Vougeot, 2004

  • Domaine De la Vougeraie, Bonnes Mares, 2004

  • Banfi, Poggio all'Oro, 1999

  • Domain Bouchard Pere & Fils, Corton-Charlemagne, 1996

  • Ceretto, Barolo Bricco-Rocche, Brunate, 1996

  • Chateau De La Tour, Clos Vougeot, 1998

  • Chapoutier, Cote Rotie, La Mordoree, 2000

  • Pegau, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Cuvee Laurence, 1998

  • Sauzet, Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru, Champs Canet, 2004

  • Sauzet, Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru, La Garenne, 2004

  • Montille, Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru, Cailleret, 2004

  • Domaine Brusset, Gigondas, Hauts de Montmirail, 2001

  • Gunderloch, Rheinessen, Rothenberg Nackenheim, Spatlese, 2005

  • J.J. Christoffel, Erdener Trepchen, Auslese **, 1992

  • Peter Jakob Kuhn, Oesterich Lenchen, Riesling Spatlese, 2004

  • Faustino, Rioja Reserva de Autor, 1994

My Best Contributions

In short, the wines I brought to tastings with friends of which I am the most proud of. All could clearly belong in the previous list as well.
  • Koehler-Ruprecht, Kalstadter Saumagen, Riesling Auslese, Trocken, 2004

  • Tardieu-Laurent, Vacqueyras, “Vieilles Vignes“, 2001

  • La Rioja Alta, 890 Gran Reserva, 1989

  • Georges Vernay, Condrieu, Terrasses de l’Empire, 2004

  • Domaine Philippe Delesvaux, Coteaux du Layon, Selection de Grains Nobles, 1997

  • Jean-Luc Colombo, Cornas, "Les Ruchets", 1999

  • Penfold's, St. Henri Shiraz, 1996

  • Chateau Margaux, Pavillion Blanc, 2002