Leroy Bourgogne Blanc, 1997 (Nov. 21, 2007)

Naturally, Leroy is a big name in Burgundy and I'd read positive online musings about this wine on various forums. Yet the actual encounter with this simple Bourgogne that had lasted and thrived for ten years post-vintage still managed to defy my expectations.

The nose did, anyway: overtly, charmingly minerally, with the fruit lighgtly baked and seared with age. Everything I'd look for in a mature, white Burgundy. The palate is nice enough, flavorsome and long, but lacks density in mid-palate. Still, it was only a generic to begin with...

Off Topic

Because I haven't posted in almost two weeks, some non-vinuous plugs are over-due.

If you haven't heard Neil Young's Chrome Dreams II, yeah, the squeeky voiced guy's back. Might have never been gone 'cept I wouldn't know since I gave up on him in 1995.

Go out and buy the Minutemen's Double Nickels On The Dime or Three Way Tie For Last. Wny now? No special reason except I was telling a friend about them and I got an ache in my heart thinking about "History Lesson Part 2" and "Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing" and "Courage" and "Tour Siege" and how they bridged pompous 70's studio rock with the ideals of left-wing punk when they covered Steely Dan's "Dr. Wu". Mike Watt once wrote a succint epitaph to his friend, partner and fellow bandmate that went "I love you d. boon. Forever." Minutement fans everywhere carry that pledge for them because d. meant that much to anyone who ever heard him sing or play.


Unknown said…
Oh yes, that Neil Young is a good one, but he had some more good albums since 1995. He isn't Neil Young from the 70s but he can still kick some ass.

And if you like punk, last week I bought the Dead Boys first album Young Loud & Snotty. Rock & Roll can never die.