Penfold's, St. Henri Shiraz, 1996

How often do a bottle's leftovers survive overnight? How often do they improve? And how often does that happen with an eleven year old wine?

The St. Henri 1996 was an excellent wine on the first night, accompanying a sirloin steak at Porterhouse. A complex nose of black fruits interlaced with mint and eucalyptus was complemented by a rather simpler palate, which was elegant and structured enough, but still young and fruity with succulent acidity. The 1/3 bottle that I carried back home made good use of a night's oxygen and on the second night, the nose was very much the same but the fruit had complexified and receded somewhat, without being overwhlemed by the tannins. Thus, the structure was highlighted while there was enough fruit to keep the whole thing very palatable and a better and more interesting wine by my palate. (Aug. 26-27, 2007)


Edward said…
Was wondering when you would get to this! It makes an interesting contrast to Grange - which has a lot more furniture.

The 2002 is very highly regarded if you see any.