Saturday Night Tasting (Jun. 30, 2007)

Another Saturday night. A few short notes.

The Francois Jobard, Bourgogne Blanc, 2004 proved once again to be a terrific value at 140 NIS, offering village level quality at a price somewhere between generic Bourgogne and village. I spotted the Clos de Gat, Sycra Syrah, 2004 as an Israeli, because of its super-ripe fruit complemented by spicy oak, although I admit it's very elegant for what it is. The price (160-180 NIS) is a big turn off, though. I have little experience with South African wines so I can't contextuallize the Kanonkop, Pinotage, 2000 but it is a very fine wine, albeit I was more pleased than others by its initial burnt rubber aromas, which blew off soon enough anyway. The palate was on the young side but what the hell, I wouldn't kick a bottle out of my fridge. A bottle of Phelan-Segur, St. Estephe, 1999 left me somewhat indifferent but the real deal was Clusel Roch, Cote Rotie, 1999, which I think showed signs of Viognier (a short argument ensued over this but the presence of Viognier has since been confirmed), but whatever is in the blend, the nose kept changing as the wine kept opening while the palate showed a well-structured if somewhat fruity and modern, character.