Somehow, I Jinxed Liverpool, Too

2-1 Milan. Jesus. The only highlights were two spastic goals by a striker who looks like a reject from a Kevin Smith movie.

I had carefully thought out which wines to serve and thought the lineup was neutral enough not to hex Liverpool's cosmic destiny. But who knows how these things work, maybe without my wines Milan would have won 3-0?

Zind-Humbrecht, Riesling, 2003

What a surprise! Apples and peaches on the nose, a hint of petrol. Echoed on the palate with saline notes and a long, green apple finish with surprisingly ripe acidity for the vintage. Actually, damn good acidity for any vintage.

Margalit, Merlot, 2002

A very rich nose with lots of oak at first enveloping ripe black fruit, spices, leather and cocoa. Full bodied, long, spicy. Needs time in glass to mellow but it’s still the embodiment of Anti-Elegance. Where’s the Merlot anyway?

2-0 Zind-Humbrecht!

Two wines from hot, problematic vintages. Neither wine was very complex, but at least the Zind-Humbrecht overcame the vintage whereas the Margalit seems to have given up before the first bell. And you can't beat Riesling anyway.


Anonymous said…
How does soccer and wine go together?
to me it's like pairing the wrong wine to food.
Soccer should be watched and enjoyed with beer! :)
Can I blame you for the score? :)
2GrandCru said…
All I can say is they go togther great but you're not the first to ask.

Now, American sports only go with beer, that's for sure. Though basketball can go either way.
2GrandCru said…
And you can blame Gerard for the score. Ten seconds of almost-glory. Could have taken two Cups single-handedly if he hadn't missed that sure goal.
Anonymous said…
No doubt that american sports go only with beer. but the sport itself is quite boring accept for the NBA finals.
I would never consider to watch golf, but that is the uktimate white wine sports. tennis also.
Formula 1 racing pairs with scotch and johnnie walker is also a sponser this year.
extreme sports goes with vodka and red bull of course.

I have alot to say about Gerard and that game, but thats for another blog\forum and for a different language.
2GrandCru said…
The only language that can really do justice to his near miss is Arabic.
Anonymous said…
exactly what I was thinking about
Unknown said…
Aw right wise guy, I happen to like Margalit's wines a lot, but -you don't drink them because you're looking for finese or delicacy. You drink them when you're in the mood for flesh...

As for American sports and wine, you wouldn't believe how much Chardonnay gets sucked down at 49er tailgate parties prior to a game - at least when I last went to one. Lots of blondes there, next to their hubbies working the grill. At Candelstick park - SF's Alaskan panhandle on the Bay - you didn't need to chill your Chard beforehand: just let it sit outside 10 minutes in the wind chill.

Being a NY Giants football (real football American style, where playing the man is the whole deal)fan I used to frequent a sports bar in Marin with a good show of ex-pat NYers. And if we were watching a Niners - Giants clash (back in the days when Joe Montana lined up on one side and LT on the other) and the Niners did one of their nifty little 2 yard pass plays that great timing and a handfull of supposedly illegal screens turned into a 50 yard touchdown to the vocal delight of some Niners fans we inevitably bellowed at them "that probably went doen real well with your Chardonnay and quiche!"

Anyway Mr. Quiche eater if you want some delicacy and race try aging a Vitkin Blanc a bit and see how that shores up. The last one I had (a 2003) showed remarkable Condrieu like qualities after 10 days of hanging around the fridge down 2 glasses.
Unknown said…
Speaking of Kevin Smith, did you ever see his interview where he talks about trying to film a documentary about the musician formerly known as Prince? It's an absolutely luscious view into the mind of one of the weirdest dudes on the planet...
2GrandCru said…
Are you referring to Prince or Kevin Smith? I don't think Smith is that strange.