How I Jinxed Man U

I thought I knew how jinxes work. I thought you could give the other team the evil eye with superficial gestures. Thus I decided to jinx Milan by opening an Italian wine on the evening of the Championship League half-finals.

But jinxes have their own logic and those gestures I mentioned? They can't be feigned. Opening an Italian wine can only jinx an Italian team if I'm rooting for it. So, the jinx bounced back at me and Manchester was creamed 3-0 and we have a replay of the 2005 finals later this month.

San Felice, Vigorello, 1999

Quite a nose: intense yet nuanced aromas of black and red fruits, mint, pine trees, saddle leather and vanilla in the background. Full bodied, yet balanced and relatively elegant. A complex finish that is bitter, minerally, spicy and mouldy all at once. Ready to drink but has a few years left.

The Vigorello is a Super Tuscan, half Cabernet and half Sangiovese, imported to Israel by Zamir. I don't know what the current price is.

PS. I think Milan will win, though they must be thinking, "oh, no, not again".


Anonymous said…
Can you pls give a little more info about the wine?
grape(s)? maybe a picture? somthing?

Go Liverpool!
2GrandCru said…

I added some info and a link.
Anonymous said…
Now you gave to much info...
just kidding yes?
Told you before and I will tell you again, I envy you for the wines you are tasting.
I hope there is another bottle in the fridge to open in 8 years from now