A Dream List

Here is a list of wine regions currently under-represented in Israel:
  • Chablis - expect a surprise soon.
  • Alsace
  • Loire
  • Jerez
  • Provence
  • Southwest France
  • United States - yes, the US! I'm not a big fan but it seems to me we get only the very obvious choices that are tailored to fit the consumers' expectations.
  • Austria
  • Champage - I know the big problem is the tax on bubblies but it is an utterly evil law!

And showing improvement over the last year:

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Rhone and the Cote d'Or (always well represented to begin with, actually, but improving nonetheless)


Anonymous said…
Hi Chaim,

Nice blog, congratulations.

To the issue at hand, personally, I would put Italy at the top of the list. We get only two categories of Italian wines in this country- the big names (available anywhere), alas at big prices; and the garbage. There is such a world in between- yet we never see it locally.


2GrandCru said…
Hi Mike,

I understand what you're saying but Italy never struck me as being under-represented because at least there's a huge variety at the top level, with every area represented.

Contrast to Australia where we mostly get wines that fit the big Shiraz paradigm or the other areas I listed where we hardly get anything at all.