Why write about wine?

Obviously, not every wine lover feels a need to write about wine. I know a fair number of wine lovers, both online and offline, and only a minority write about it. Some probably worry they don't have the verbal skills and some don't think they have a great palate and some feel they don't have anything original or interesting to contribute. I'll be the first to admit I don't have a great nose or palate. I'm not one to pick out a slew of aromas and flavors in the wine I'm drinking; but I do have an awareness of the experience of tasting and drinking and how the structure of a good wine is the backbone of this experience and what happens when a special wine captivates us. And I believe I have an original contribution to make.

Furthermore, I think writing about wine is a strong way to cement the wine tasting experience. In the end, wine is a very ephemeral thing. You spend a hefty sum of money and lay down your wine for years and then wham! a bottle is gone within a couple of hours and all you're left with is the memory. It's not a book you can re-read at leisure. So I drink, I write tasting notes and re-read them late at night just like leafing through a photo album.

Why write in English?

As you can see in my profile, I live in Israel. However, though Hebrew is my mother tongue, due to certain biographical reasons, I do express myself better in English. It's the language I read in, it's the language of the rock and pop music I listen to.

Reason number two is I admit I want exposure. I don't want to limit myself to Hebrew speaking wine lovers. The local scene is rather small and the Israeli wine forums are very undeveloped (this should in no way be read as an indictment against the Israeli wine lovers themselves, who are usually very knowledgeable). Most don't have a strict registration policy and are thus a breeding ground for trolls. Anonymity on the web will bring out the worst in people.

So let's see how this viral blog thing spreads my thoughts around the globe and who knows, maybe in a couple of years, Robert Parker will buy me out, too.


Unknown said…
Congratulations with your blog Chaim!
Anonymous said…
I like what I'm reading here, Chaim, good stuff. Keep it up!

Anonymous said…
Chaim hi,

Nice BLOG you have and i find it very intereting!

Eric (H.K.)
Anonymous said…
Dear Chaim,