Tasting Notes From The Rheingau Tasting at Giaconda, Feb. 22, 2007

Continuing my earlier post, here are the tasting notes.

Leitz, Riesling QBA Trocken, 2005

A very approachable and clear nose, ripe white fruit, some clementine, white pepper, minerals. Echoed on the palate, with a pleasant bitterness on the reasonably long finish. Quite a lot of wine for a QBA. 88+.

Peter Jakob Kuhn, Quartzit Riesling QBA Trocken, 2005

A terrific, complex nose, cooler than the first wine, more withdrawn within itself, that develops floweriness. It's got length and hints at potential - right now it's too frizzante. A teaser in a way. Forget the QBA label. 89-90.

Keller, Rheinhessen, Von der Fels Riesling QBA Trocken, 2005

Ignore the QBA label again, this is serious stuff. Flowers and oatmeal on the nose at first then develops minerals. Frizzante again. The difference in style with the first two is striking. 90.

Langwerth Von Simmern, Rauenthlaer Baiken Riesling Spatlese Trocken, 2004

Apple pie, pears, flowers and honey. Develops an intriguing herbal overlay. Frizzante again. Needs time. 90-91.

Langwerth Von Simmern, Erbacher Marcobrunn Riesling Kabinett, 2004

Similar to "big brother", but sweeter, less complex and less structured, but just soooo delicious. Quite tempting. 88-89.

August Kesseler, Rudesheimer Bischofsberg Riesling Spatlese, 2005

Aromas of tea and sweet spices, a bit candy-like but elegant for all that. Sweetness on the palate, counter-pointed by red apples. Solid length. 90-91.

Leitz, Rudesheimer Berg Rozeneck Riesling Spatlese, 2004

Very tight. I get petrol and yeasts on the nose. Fine structure, very long, pure and balanced. 91.

Leitz, Rudesheimer Berg Rozeneck Riesling Kabinett, 2005

Green and baked apples on the nose, with sweet spices. Very sweet. 89-90.

August Kesseler, Spatburgunder QBA Trocken, 2004

Alcoholic nose, medicinal/band-aid funk. Very green and not very approachable. Develops some candy, leather, sweat, spices. Has potential quality but dubious QPR. 87-89.

Peter Jakob Kuhn, Oesterich Lenchen Riesling Spatlese, 2004

Closed, cool, elegant. Very pure and clean on the palate. A bit of apples and petrol on the nose. Hard to get at and less approachable than the QBA. Can't score it but it's probably very good.

Jos. Christoffel Jr., Urzinger Wurtzgarden, Auslese, 1990

Wood shavings on the nose and lots of other things going on. Obviously a terrific wine. I can't fully decipher it but has matured wonderfully. I will have to get me a few. 92.

Keller, Rheinhessen, Monsheimer Silberberg Rieslaner Auslese, 2005

A fantastically refreshing dessert wine with ripe acidity. Complexified by a hint of mustard on the nose. 93.