Oh, Honey, It Was Paradise...

Domaine Vacheron, Sancerre, Le Paradis, 2018

Millions of living creatures lived and died, the land shifted, upheaved and fell, trillions of dead cells coated the rocks buried underneath the sea, the land rose again, the Ice Ages mixed things up even more, as they steamrollered the earth-  and millions of years later, man planted vines where the earth had stored the vital energies of the lives of ancient past. When we're lucky, magic happens.

Like in Sancerre.

Le Paradis hails from a very steep vineyard in Sancerre, with almost no topsoil, the vines tended to by the Vacheron family are over 40 years old and the end result is a wine that epitomizes not just a style, but the spirit of the wines of the land that, at their best show a rich, coiled essence of chalk and shells and salt married to zesty fruit. (July 10, 2021)