Down In the Valley Of Orotava

Suertes del Marqués, Tenerife, Valle de la Orotava, 7 Fuentes, 2017
Eldad Levy and Uri Caftori must have been so excited when they landed Borja Perez from Tenerife last year that they went right ahead and added another Tenerife producer to the portfolio. The locals are probably still scratching their heads that that five hipster wine bars and 100 or so private hipster consumers in Israel can actually support a lively trade with the Canary Islands. Sarcasm aside, this is a fun, acidity driven, moreish wine. I's funky without being bretty, coming off as though the sour cherries and parched earth aromas and flavors were taken apart and then rearranged on a Möbius strip.  (Apr. 28, 2020)

Suertes del Marqués, Tenerife, Valle de la Orotava, Vidonia, 2018
Now this is one of the most interesting whites this duo has ever brought to Israel. With Perez and the 7 Fuentes, I was always, in the back of my mind, making some sort of allowances for Tenerife, but not here. An amalgam of the classic and the wild frontier, it combines the flinty, salty aromas and flavors that make you smile at a bottle of Chablis or the Cote de Beaune with fruit so sweet with sunshine that its exotic, almost alien character is sublimely integrated. Buy as many bottles you can find and afford. This shit is real. (Apr. 30, 2020)