Magic and Loss

R. López de Heredia, Rioja Crianza, Blanco Viña Gravonia, 2007

My first encounters with the Heredia whites were so magical that I was immediately captivated and enthralled. Then I drifted away because of bottle variation and the challenge of finding drinking partners for what is one of the most unique white wines in the world. I've returned to the fold this last year, more in love than ever. Fuck bottle variation and fuck the social challenges. I'll just drink these alone if I have to. Before I check out, I want to experience as much as I can that the world of wine has to offer. The story this wine has to tell is of a time and place when drinkers didn't care so much for obvious fruit in their wines - they wanted savory wines full of umami. Of course, if that's all this wine had to offer, there's a good chance it'd fall down flat on its proverbial face. But the fruit is strong in this one, strong enough to offer a steady backdrop to the aromas and flavors of salty cashews and minerals, ripe enough to support the lightly oxidative notes that are there by design, not by fault. Sip it, drink it, contemplate it - free your mind and your heart will follow. (Jan. 18, 2019)

Fat Guy, 150 NIS.