Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Champagne Time (Nov. 23, 2014)

Incredibly, Margaine still slips beneath the radar!
 A. Margaine, Special Club, Blanc de Blancs, Brut, Premier Cru, 2004

There was no de facto special reason, no obvious occasion, to open a classy Champagne on a weekday, but a week of reading through Michael Edwards' Finest Wines Of Champagne had quite obviously whetted my appetite. So I made the occasion. Or, should I say, the wine made the occasion. Someone should just invent a Festivus for wine geeks, no? This is still incredibly fresh and vibrant, full of zesty complexity, with expressive aromas of citrus fruit, roasted walnuts and sauteed mushrooms and combines mature Champagne vinosity with fresh vibrancy. Delightful. Classy. Tasty.

Eldad Levy, 329 NIS at the time, 2006 vintage is 345.

As for the book itself: very informative and the tasting notes are highly enjoyable, and I'm struck by the incredible numbers of growers and houses the book lists, producing what is, to me, an almost inconceivable number of bottles. The only drawback is that criticism comes in a very polite, diplomatic British tone. Imagine Hugh Johnson sans the barbed, dry wit.

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